“Want Liberating, Explosive
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      Dear Friend,

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      I call it “birthing your orgasm,” because I’ve found a set of techniques and mental and visual processes that make it easy, fun and pleasurable to squirt.

      Even if you are afraid for any reason — emotional or physical — I can lead you to a most amazing, personal and intimate experience.

      One of my clients said learning to squirt was “like coming into her womanhood.” She felt “stronger, more alive, more feminine, sexier and the sensations of pleasure were a thousand times better than her clitoral orgasms.”

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Become A Super Star Sex Goddess And Learn How To Ejaculate. YES, It Is Totally Possible

      On the next page, I go into more detail about what female ejaculation feels like, how to be very sexually juicy, what it’s like to get your G-Spot stroked, all the medical explanations of female ejaculation (it’s NOT pee), solid techniques to to teach your body to ejaculate and how your partner can learn to get you off, over and over again.

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With Love,

Creator of “Squirt Your Heart Out: Unleash Your Explosive Sexual Power”

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I Ejaculated For The First Time!

"I purchased your "squirt your heart out" series and after going through your material & practicing wanted to let you know that i was able to ejaculate for the first time. Your instructional stuff was very useful and wanted to thank you."