“Who Wants To Experience the Bliss of Liquid Orgasms That Captivate You and Your Partner In Ecstatic Pleasure?”

Female Ejaculation Is The Ultimate Liberating Power for Profound Emotional Fulfillment, Self-Esteem, Intimacy and a Sexy Body Image

Dear Sexy, Beautiful Goddess,

      There are women living an entirely different experience of life…

      What would it feel like if you could predictably experience powerful, multiple orgasms where you release your feminine waters as often and as much as you’d like? Where you consistently enjoyed an ever-expanding sensuality few women ever have?

      What if your partner knew exactly the right stroking techniques to sensitize your G Spot until you fully surrender to the point of gushing, orgasmic release?

      What could your sex life be like if you knew you could ejaculate every time you wanted, over and over, with confidence and the complete freedom to fully experience your deepest turn on?

      And I’d like you to imagine how it would feel to no longer worry that your partner might be thinking, “God, I hope I can make her come like last time…” He would know EXACTLY what to do.

      Does your guy twist himself inside out with excitement at your least little wetness, dying for you to arc a fountain of Amrita, high in the sky? You know how crazy he can get. And you like it.

      For how long have you been yearning to have a deeper experience of your sexuality, to revel in your womanly power and yet secretly believing there might not be a partner who could get you off the way you really want or worrying that you might be just a little too inhibited to do it yourself?

      How different would your life be if you walked around feeling the empowerment that comes from being white hot sexy in the bedroom… one of those juicy goddesses who takes her orgasm to the peak of her body’s abilities?

      Now… I’d like you to imagine how it would feel if you suspected you might be the sexiest, hottest woman you know? You wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything, would you?

      And I’d also like you to imagine feeling totally besotted with your man, like you can’t get enough of him, and the sex is better than your wildest dreams. Dang, girl!

      I know all about women’s desire to surrender to their orgasmic ecstasy, …and the frustration that comes with not feeling confident about giving it to ourselves or our man not having the skills.

      The truth is, if you’re feeling unfulfilled desire… odds are that trying to figure it out on your own simply won’t work. There are a set of skills and insights that make a huge world of difference in your ability to have the pleasure and release you seek.

      In fact, trying to fumble your way out of this is NOT the answer.

The Restorative Touch of
G Spot Blended Orgasms

      I was like you.

      The second I became aware of the concept of ejaculation I wanted that experience for myself.

      The first few times I had my G Spot stroked, I cried a little – and it was a good release.

      Quickly, that healing transformed into laughter. Belly laughs, guffaws and some weird cackling erupted from me, but as it did, I began to feel more and more sensation in my Yoni. I realized how healing this stroking process was and I wanted other women to feel this restorative touch too.

      Female ejaculation is an ancient sexual experience for women, and over time knowledge of it has been obscured…

      Now is a time of expressing our sexuality fully and learning about another dimension of our sexuality which is powerful, exciting and a deep experience. So I decided to make a documentary about female ejaculation.

      One day, as I was doing research for my documentary, my total fascination with the sacred part of female ejaculation took root.

      I started to read everything I could get my hands on about how the feminine body and mind work together. For most women, it’s a process of healing, then feeling expanded sensation, then learning to do what I call “birthing your orgasm,” which is a specific, delicate way of pushing out, rather than tightening up as you do for clitoral orgasms.

      I began to teach women all about female ejaculation and how to realize their potential and share in the revolution of womens’ sexuality as a movement for the greater good of all women.

      I was finally able to answer the question women so often ask me—“How did you learn to ejaculate?”—with a solid, scientific explanation and series of easy-to-learn steps.

      That began a rapid learning curve as I started sharing how all the components need to be lined up to create confidence and success, first with my girlfriends and then with clients.

      I got busy adapting the basic structure that had worked so well for me to this new framework and developed a step-by-step plan that any woman could use to easily learn how to ejaculate, then consistently continue the opening process for increased sensation.

      “Squirt Your Heart Out” is the result of all techniques I perfected, once I knew how to take into account the true, brain/body connection. This knowledge and these practices can change your body (and your moods & relationships) for good.

      Here we go…

What I found is that there are three essential steps that allow your body to do what it naturally wants to do when it ejaculates:

      #1 Take the guess work out of how to make yourself squirt.

      #2 Believe you deserve this delicious sensation without relying on anyone or anything but your self.

      #3 Learn to expand the sensation over time until you are having multiple, body-quaking, intensifying ejaculatory releases.

      And now, let me tell you a story…

Rob’s Secret Desire
To See Lauren Ejaculate

      Live into this one for me.

      Rob and Lauren had a pretty good sex life. They made love, enjoyed oral play and sometimes even told each other fantasies while making love.

      Rob was fantastic at “warming Lauren up.” He would spend plenty of time getting her into her body with massage, kissing and fondling her genitals and breasts to get her engorged before he entered her.

      He was always good at making sure there was plenty of Lauren’s favorite lube, her toys were clean and ready and the room was exactly the perfect temperature for her.

      Sure, they had “quickies,” but what they really loved was to spend and hour or two making love together… getting really warmed up and turned on.

      Many times, Rob would stroke Lauren’s clitoris and finger her until she was arching up against his hand. She love this hand stroking, as much as she loved it when he went down on her. And sometimes he’d put two fingers in her when she was really aroused and use that “come hither” movement on her G Spot.

      Lauren would get really turned on when Rob did this and she wanted more G Spot massage. It just felt sooooo good!

      Rob always had this secret desire to see Lauren ejaculate.

      Typical guy… they are so results-oriented that seeing a woman get so turned on she actually squirted out liquid would be like dying and going to heaven.

      So he said to her, “Honey, would you let me learn how to make you squirt?”

      She thrilled inside at the request and said, “Rob, not only YES, but hell yes!

      So they came to my workshop (they were lucky enough to live in SF, where I do most of my work) and I taught them the patterns and techniques that work so well for all my clients.

      They started off just practicing a little bit each time they made love.

      At first, Lauren didn’t feel anything happening. She didn’t squirt. She really didn’t even get noticeably wetter. Still, it felt great when he was stroking her and added to their overall lovemaking.

      The great thing about Rob is that he never pushed Lauren, she never felt pressured to perform. They kept it playful and loving. (I have some great strategies to help you and your partner feel like you’re always making progress in a super sexy, low stress way, no matter how long it takes you to finally get that exquisite release.)

      Still, they kept at it, a little bit here and there, all delicious and then one day Lauren said, “oh!, I think I ejaculated!” “Rob, did you see it?” “Did you feel it?”

      Rob couldn’t see it but Lauren knew she had just experienced that first wetness that was more than she’d had just from lubrication. She was following the techniques I teach for “birthing her orgasm” and it was working!

      From then on, Lauren got it. Over time (a short time), she was releasing more and more ejaculate.

      Soon they had to double the towels. Then they had to triple the towels.

      Then Lauren fished around in the depths of her linen closet for the old waterproof crib pad from when their boy was little and threw that down on the bed and said, “OK, let’s see where we can take this!”

Imagine how excited they must have been. She threw that waterproof pad on the bed like a swashbuckler throwing down his red velvet cape across a mud puddle for his damsel…

      Rob thought to himself, “whoo daddie!”

      That night, Lauren let loose. She came and came, each one rolling through her abdomen like a wave. She surrendered and just kept riding the sensation… taking her orgasmic birthright to its peak.

      Rob just stayed with her. He thought about how with each stroke he was doing exactly what he thought she’d love the most in that moment.

      He was immersed in the pleasure of her pussy. It felt so slippery, soft, blossomed. (He couldn’t wait to get inside her…)

      When she was spent, she sat up, gasped for air, guzzled some water and flopped backward on the bed. Rob laid beside her.

      And they starting cracking up.

      They laid there and laughed, and laughed and laughed and kissed and kissed.

      It was like that moment, 16 years ago, when they realized they were in love.

      They were high as kites on the pure pleasure of deep intimate emotion.

      They never felt so connected. It was like there was one energy circuit traveling back and forth between them, electrifying them in vibrating sensation.

      Rob told me they said, “Yay, Talluah!” at the end and gave one more laugh — one just for me.

Closing the Gap On Your Sexual Knowledge
Forever Up-Leveling
Not Just Your Sex Life,

      Maybe you’re not laughing right now, though?

      Are you frustrated and confused by the lack of really helpful information out there about female ejaculation?

      Are you in a relationship and wondering how to broach the subject of your desire?

      If you find yourself wondering constantly, “How hard would it be to learn to ejaculate? Could I do it myself? Would it freak out my sexual partner if I squirted?…"

Then being a mature woman who knows what she wants and deserves (a great sex life), it only comes down to one single important question for you to ask and answer for yourself… and the rest will fall into place:

      What are you doing about this GAP in understanding between you and a partner to make sure your sensuality will be appreciated, expand and get better and better for your whole lifetime?

      Think for a moment about where you would be if you were one of those women totally in touch with her sexual self, able to surrender to the most satisfying orgasmic climaxes her heart desires.

Would you feel more confident about your sensual self if you knew:

      Exactly what to say and do so that you could easily and consistently ejaculate when ever you desired it and your partner would be trained to know exactly how to give you continually expanding orgasmic bliss with confidence.

      Exactly what to say and do so that you and your partner would ALWAYS feel that being with together was the most satisfying, intimate, sexy experience, even when you have challenges in other aspects of your life together… the bond that is created at this level of intimacy would carry you through thick and thin…

      So much personal expertise that you started becoming a mentor for other friends who wanted the same pleasure. You became the go-to woman or couple who could show the way for your intimate friends to expand their sexual horizons. You even got a small, private but very delicious reputation as a woman who had sexual mastery! What a great fantasy! And it could easily be you, if you want it.

      How to charm your G Spot with the perfect pressure, strokes and patterns so it becomes alive with sensation and you get the most satisfying feelings in your Yoni — like when you have poison ivy and you sneak a scratch and it’s the best itch scratch you could imagine? Only in this case it’s your orgasmic center experiencing the best climaxes that wrack your whole body with pleasure, arching you up, pointing your toes and fingers, leaving you in a breathless chasm of outer planetary orgasmic rapture.

      Note: Seeing other women ejaculate is such a big part of the “how to be,” that I’ve included nine video clips with different women coming in different ways so you can SEE what it looks like. Once you see other REAL women, NOT PORN STARS faking it, you will begin to see how this can be part of your life too…

      The exercises and mental preparation I provide nurture your body, mind, soul and emotion – because it’s all inter-related for you.

      Just how to “BE,” both in body and mind, so that you could mount a continued ascent of squirting orgasms that start as a trickle and end with a roaring explosion of gushing feminine waters that have you calling out your pleasure at the crescendo of the moment – moaning with pure, physical pleasure and emotional connection.

In my Squirt Your Heart Out program, I’ll show you:

      • How ejaculation will actually make you love your body MORE than you do now and feel more confident about how your body looks and operates

      • The 2 most highly sensitive parts of the G Spot

      • 13 reasons women LIKE to ejaculate

      • A Mind/Body Check In routine you’ll use to get started

      • The 7 different kinds of female orgasms, from clitoral to cervical and beyond.

      • Insight into how to tap into your unlimited sexual potential… I’ll show you how it’s the gift that keeps on giving…

      • The 5 G Spot Stimulation options

      • Exactly what the Skene’s Glands are, where they are in your body and how they work.

      • A scientific explanation of the composition of ejaculate – it’s prostatic fluid that includes (PSA) prostate-specific antigens and (PSAP) prostate- specific acid posphatase. You’ll be able to confidently defend the truth that ejaculate is not pee and sound super smart too.

      • Which of the 4 basic types of female prostates you have

      • Pumping orgasmic energy through your entire body… instead of focusing on orgasmic sensation just in your pussy, learn to flush out the energy throughout your entire being

      • A solo hands-on exercise utilizing the blended orgasm, which is one of the most successful ways to ejaculate as well as being profoundly pleasurable

      • An exercise where you observe your “clit boner”

      • Learning the language of the clit. Here’s one of many examples,

“Sweetie, my pussy is feeling it bit shy today. She wants to be teased with very gentle sweeping strokes with your whole hand at first and then you can use your finger right around 2 o’clock once she’s nice and warmed up.”

      • Up close photos and illustrations of our beautiful anatomy, so you can see precisely where the G Spot and all of your important bits are located before you head in for your own exploratory journey.

      • 4 specific ways you can surrender…let go…unleash your power…release…explode! Part of learning to ejaculate and have explosive orgasms is about letting go of our inhibitions around making a wet spot on the bed and worrying about what our partner might think. I’ll teach you how to let go.

      • Feeling cherished as you explore 27 ways you can find your G Spot

      • How to overcome any SHAME you might be harboring. Maybe you even had a partner shame you because they didn’t know what happened or they thought you peed? This is common and often difficult to heal from. Many women have shut down this part of their sexuality because they were/are worried that something “wrong” happened. Because female ejaculation is not commonly acknowledged or talked about, and because there are so many misconceptions, it is not uncommon to think that there is something wrong with you when it does happen.

      • Why men love squirting orgasms and specific steps to take to really light him up

      • How to manage the process of healing your G Spot if you’ve ever suffered any sexual trauma or shame, and let’s face it, who hasn’t?

      • The 3 Squirting Options and why knowing them can help you figure out exactly where you should start in your ejaculatory journey

      • 24 things you can do to dial in your blended orgasm to its ultimate height of sensation

      • Understanding how to pump up profound PC pleasure pulsations

      • Answers to the most common questions I get in my workshops

      • A PC Muscle (pubo-coxygeus) Test to see how strong your PC muscles are and PC muscle exercises to strengthen your internal vaginal area for enhanced orgasmic pleasure and ejaculatory force

      • The best part of my teaching. I call it, “Birthing Your Orgasm.” This analogy will have you squirting in no time flat.

      • 12 Partner Intercourse techniques for ejaculating WITH (or on) your lover

      • Shallow Thrusting, Fwap Fwapping and The Man Handle – three of my favorite positions for ejaculating during intercourse

      • The “Cum Hither with Clit-Oral” move — teach your partner to give THIS to you. Oh my!

      • What does it mean to “Hold Space” for your partner?

      • Tallulah’s advice for your partner. Print an extra copy of the ebook for your bed buddy. They WILL thank you!

      • An 11 step-by-step guide to Yoni Massage – a “sensual genital massage” I suggest you have daily!

      • 27 slow sex warm up techniques to put all you’ve learned together and get started

      • And when you are juiced up and fully engorged, get your partner to give you the Middle Ring Move. Just this technique alone is priceless.

And too much more to list here…

      You’ll enjoy gorgeous, sexy “goddess-like” imagery, art and illustrations by Davin Infinity that make the SYHO book an inspired experience of beauty and appreciation for the lush gorgeousness of women’s bodies.

ALSO – for the first time ever – I assembled a list of my favorite toys and lubes for squirting into a Resource Guide. You can click right on the document and check out these products from my favorite, trusted vendor who carries all the toys, lube and products I recommend so you have one-stop shopping.

      Lots of the woman at my live workshops can’t stop talking about how using the toys I recommend has changed their whole outlook and helped them feel their sexuality in a new way.

      If you truly understood how guys think about and feel about women who squirt and how unbelievably “life-charging” knowing how to squirt can be for you, then you wouldn’t be still feeling frustrated wondering what in the world men see in this and why some women are so able to be sexually plugged in to their own pleasure.

My Squirt Your Heart Out program will forever up-level your sex life.

      You’ll get enough in this program to use one great new idea or tip every day for a year and keep seeing results… and you’ll feel the pleasure of instant progress because of the attitude shift that comes the minute you commit to this fabulous journey.

How To Tell If This Program Is For YOU

      If you’re ready to take charge of your sexual life and start expanding your orgasmic bliss TODAY… and you want all the practical techniques and tips available to make your experience as successful, easy and FUN as possible, this program is for you.

      The sex you want is available and waiting for you to claim it… but chances are, you’re not going to have female orgasms magically start squirting out of you if you don’t attend a workshop or hire your own personal Dakini (a Tantric teacher) for private lessons or best of all…have a great virtual coach like me!

      The best and quickest way you’re going to connect with your untapped sexual desire is RIGHT HERE… online… where I have created a fully downloadable, totally private, personal experience you can use in a self-paced way created for a woman like YOU.

My new Squirt Your Heart Out program is perfect for you if:

        ✓ If you have been curious about squirting, but you’re afraid of trying it because you wouldn’t know where to start, what to expect or what it really looks like and the information you find online is just not explanatory enough

        ✓ If you feel embarrassed about how to give yourself this pleasure or about asking your partner to give it to you

        ✓ If you know there’s some G Spot healing standing between you and your pleasure and you hadn’t yet found the person who can hold your hand and get you through to the other side of pure pleasure

        ✓ If you want an easy, STEP-BY-STEP “guide” to navigating the world of liquid orgasms, complete with the RIGHT LANGUAGE and a series of mini “workshops” you can do at your own pace

        ✓ If you want to see how sexy and turned on you can possibly be —like a Gold Medal Olympic comer

        ✓ If you want to STAND ABOVE the sea of other attractive women (who won’t have the same advantage) so you can have the hottest sex with the hottest guys who are so kinesthetically in tune with themselves and you that there’s an energy connection you just can’t get with most men

        ✓ If your husband is dying for you to douse him with your feminine waters and to see your pussy shooting a spray of your divine nectar as he spends as long as you want him too activating your G Spot into successive releases of exquisite pleasure

        ✓ If you had the unfortunate and all-too-common experience of ejaculating with a past lover, only to be completely let down because they didn’t embrace it the way you imagined they would, and you want to know how to AVOID this disaster in the future

        ✓ If you’re just ready to stop sitting around feeling horny and frustrated and want to start having the time of your life right now…

        ✓ If you feel as though you are holding yourself back sexually and want to learn how to surrender to your body’s innate sexual ecstasy

        ✓ If the cost of another facial or new pair of shoes isn’t going to give you the satisfaction that my program will give you for the rest of your life and you know it and you are psyched to get started feeling your pussy…

If you’re ready to jump in with BOTH FEET the way thousands, if not millions, of women world-wide are connecting and forming LASTING and LOVING and SEXY and INTIMATE relationships…then you’ve made the right decision.

I am here to help you create the kind of orgasmic experiences you want, IMMEDIATELY.

Flying Through The Process Effortlessly

      Stop right here.

      Let me ask you a very personal question…

      Are you harboring negative feelings about ejaculating right now? Is the thought of this stressing you out a little bit?

Which of these sound like you?

        ☐ “I wouldn’t do this to myself and my partner would never do it for me.” “He would think it’s weird.”

        ☐ “I have NO idea how to approach my partner about my interest in ejaculating. We just don’t talk that way.”

        ☐ “What if it makes a mess?” “What if my partner believes I’m peeing?”

        ☐ “I can’t really orgasm during intercourse and I’d probably be a failure at this too.”

        ☐ “There is NO way I am going to let my boyfriend look at my genitals up close!”

        ☐ “I am afraid if my G Spot gets stroked it will unleash an emotional torrent I can’t handle.”

        ☐ (Fill in the blank.) “I am afraid of _________.”

      Did I nail at least one of your concerns here?

In my workshops I think at this point I’ve heard all the fears and worries. Pee. Crying. Exposure. Not worthy. Afraid of asking.

      Does it make you feel better to know you are not alone? Not by a long shot!

      About 1% of the women I teach fly through the process effortlessly. The rest of us, including me, struggled a bit, usually with the emotional or mental piece.

      And I’m here to promise you that you CAN DO THIS! You can have this amazing feeling. You CAN tap into your womanly, flowing powers of sensuality.

Did You Have ANY Idea
Orgasming Could Be This Beneficial
To Your Life?

      Sure, it will be fabulous to look back a few months from now and see that you’ve taught your body a new kind of exquisite experience.

      But that’s not the end-game. Here’s the best part…

      What kind of intimate pleasures are going to be revealed for you… what new opportunities you never considered are going to lay themselves at your feet — for your picking and choosing — when you are a Juicy Sex Goddess?

      Just think, now what kind of ass can you kick in the world?

      Who would have thought that letting me teach you how to squirt well could forever change your life for the better?

Let me paint a picture of your new world:

      #1 You’re so proud inside to be relishing the hottest sex of your life

      #2 You have so much new knowledge, you’re brimming with sexy ideas for even more pleasure in the bedroom. Your fire is lit, it’s raging —you are burning down the house!

      #3 You’re lover is so head over heels in love with you that he’s checked back in to your relationship in a way you never imagined, fully present and doing the things you want that show you he loves you so much

      #4 There’s this imaginary golden cord shooting out of your pussy, down into the earth that is rooting you with self-esteem in a way you’ve never experienced before… and you are luxuriating in a precious feeling of optimism

      #5 Now your friends are begging you to share your new wisdom about things that a year ago you didn’t even know existed

      #6 AND, you can’t see the things about your body you used to hate because you feel so sexy they just melted away and your beauty formed its own goddess statue – like an Oscar for you — the “Hot Squirter”

      Now that you’re starting to learn more about Squirting Your Heart Out, you’re starting to see that a different kind of relationship with the people in your life is possible, and it’s not just lust and total turn-on, it’s a capability you feel that permeates everything you do…

      You are a woman of the universe, a tender of the flame of ancient sensual secrets.

      I want you to imagine what it’s going to feel like when all these things start to come together for you with the right training.

      I want you to really get how cool it’s going to be when you can enjoy life at this level of passion.

      OK. It’s time.


      Time to make THIS your reality. I promise success, with this simple set of tools and me by your side to guide you each step of the way, in your new tryst with life.

      And, to start you off, I have a treat for you.

      Who wants a life-altering FREE GIFT to go with your new Yoni expertise?

Get YOUR FREE “Interviews
With Female Ejaculation Experts”
Just For TRYING This Program…

      As a very special one time bonus, I’d also like to give you a FREE series of exclusive, sexy audio interviews from my “Interviews With Experts."

      When you’re looking for lasting change and improvement in any area of your life, one of the single most important things to do is to find, meet and learn from the people who are already experts in the area that you’re looking for change or growth in.

      The world of orgasm is no exception…

      It’s common to think that you should somehow just know everything you need to know “naturally” when it comes to sex and relationships.

      In fact, lots of women (and men) can’t stand to admit that they don’t know everything there is to know about orgasm and this whole area of their sex lives.

      If you’re serious about finding your true orgasmic potential, one of the single most important things you will ever do is to surround yourself with other people who ALREADY KNOW how to get there… and have seen and dealt with all the problems you’re running into.

      And while your female friends are great, I’m talking about people who have not only been through it themselves, and KNOW the exact steps to take in each CRITICAL situation… but people who have also spent years successfully teaching others how to have the kind of fulfillment and profound pleasure in bed that you’re seeking.

      Because this is so important, I put together my wish list of the experts I knew could transform your thinking about the many facets of female orgasm and lined them up and recorded them, one by one by one over months of serious coordination and planning to crystallize their know-how into digestible and power-packed interviews.

      There are four unique experts in the Expert Interview series that I hand selected for their contribution to your eduction.

      Hey, these are NOT bonuses. This is CORE PRODUCT.

      These are the real deal people who have deep knowledge in areas complimentary to my expertise that I prescribed as booster medicine for your enrichment.

Four Expert Interviews with significant material where I’ve encouraged each one to divulge their best secrets for your benefit:
  • Eric Amaranth:
    Get renowned “Sex Samurai,” Eric Amaranth’s advice and male-perspective about the G spot and Female Ejaculation, his trade secrets, and how men can teach women how to squirt.
  • Sheri Winston:
    Get the facts! Holistic Sexuality Teacher, Sheri Winston explores female ejaculation with in-depth anatomical detail and scientific explanation.
  • Patti Taylor
    Dr. Patti Taylor interviews Tallulah Sulis about her own personal experiences with female ejaculation and uncovers squirting secrets and success stories.
  • Monika Thomas:
    Sex Educator and Radio Host of Sexploration with Monika, Monika Thomas talks with Tallulah about her recent first-time ejaculation experience and comically shares her story about how it has changed her sex-life forever!

      Here’s how you get everything, including the Expert Interview Series. When you order my Squirt Your Heart Out: Unleash Your Explosive Power system, you also get my Expert Interview Series as a bonus just for giving this program a try…

      The insights you’ll get from these four interviews alone would be worth the price of the whole system just in how they’ll build your confidence and teach you technique. And they are yours to keep, even if you decide that Squirt Your Heart Out is not right for you at this time.

      I’m THAT confident that you’re going to love everything!

      I could sell the Expert Interview series solo for hundreds of dollars easily, because it’s so jam-packed with valuable information and it’s yours to keep for free just for trying the program. And this special offer is available only with your purchase right now.

      I am constantly testing offers and may not continue to allow my buyers to keep the Expert Interviews just for trying the product. So if you are serious about finally learning to ejaculate, expanding your sex life with the best experiences and seeing what kinds of doors this new capability of yours will open in your life, then you’ll want to read the next part carefully.

What Motivates Me
To Share This With You?

      I’ve devoted my life to revoking the shroud of mystery behind female ejaculation, an ancient, valuable sexual experience for women.

      ☆ When I went to the Burning Man festival and saw the free female ejaculation workshop turning women away because it was so crowded there was standing room only and the room was packed with women eager to find their sexual heritage…

      ☆ When I bring up this program or my workshops at a party and soon half the women there are crowding around me asking questions…

      ☆ When women who know about my work with female ejaculation start extolling the pleasures of their new-found capability…

      ☆ When women who heard of my work asked me to create a custom workshop just for them we called “Circle Squirts!”…

      ☆ When I get amazing stories and testimonials (you’ll see a few of the many below) from women and men about what I’ve taught them…

      It makes me happier than anything in the world.

      Sharing my story and the examples from the success stories of other women whose lives I’ve touched is my life purpose.

      My motivation is to help women heal, and realize their potential and share in the “rEvolution of womens’ sexuality” as a movement and new awareness of our collective sensual possibility.

      That’s why I am an erotic coach, educator, performer, artist, activist, and healer.

      I am a Certified Somatic Sexologist who also teaches workshops about female ejaculation. I own the video production company, “Juicy Mama Productions” and am director and producer of erotic and educational journeys into the explosive and sacred world of female ejaculation which I share with you in my online teaching program and membership site called, Squirt Your Heart Out.

      NOW is a time of expressing ourselves fully and learning about another dimension of our sexuality which is powerful, exciting and a deep experience.

      Will you allow me the honor of taking you on this magnificent ride?

The Experts Recommend This Program

Tallulah is the best teacher practicing today. If you can't take her class or work with her one-on-one, you MUST buy her training product.

539 —Annie Sprinkles, Female Ejaculation Expert

Women need to claim their orgasms, not the climactic one-second kind that a man has, but the extended, expanded, juicy, ejaculation kind of orgasms that make you come again and again. You deserve this experience in your life. Let Tallulah teach you how.

540 —Dr. Patti Taylor, Author of Expanded Lovemaking and Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

When a woman squirts, it is the sexiest, most empowered turn on in the world to me. I love to make women come and Tallulah can teach you how. If you haven't experienced this exquisite, sensual experience, learn how right now.

541 —PassionHeart

Sherry’s Recommendation

When My Partner Strokes Me,
Peaks Me, Teases Me…

I love the satisfying pleasure of squirting, over and over. The release, the push out, the exquisite sensations deep in my body… When my partner strokes me, peaks me, and teases me into squirting, I can surrender to my turn on and just ride the sensation… I feel like the sexiest, hottest woman in the world. —Shannon V., Ann Arbor, MI

Watch Addriana’s Eyes Light Up

"The Common Denominator Really Is Feeling Safe"

“I have found that I cannot ejaculate when I am with a partner who I don’t feel totally safe or comfortable with. I have mentioned to some guys that I have been known to squirt from time to time, and with some guys it feels like it’s their goal to make me ejaculate and then I feel pressure and performance anxiety whereas the guys that were sweet and happy if it happened or not were the ones I would ejaculate with. I had one partner who was like a cheerleader and said in a very sexy way, “give it to me baby” or “there you go- that’a girl!” “You got some more for me?” etc. that really got me going. Then there was this guy who I could not ejaculate with even if I wanted to who seemed rather frightened by the whole idea. I don’t think he would have enjoyed it and was more of a selfish lover anyways. It amazes me tho how tempermental ejaculating really is--from partner to partner or different moods I’m in. I notice the common denominator really is feeling safe with my partner.”

542 ——A.S., El Cerrito, CA

“He Said The Magic Words,
Just Let It All Go, Baby.

“The first time I ejaculated, I was SO turned on and my partner and I had been having sex for a couple hours. There was lots of fingering and oral and I felt this sweet pressure just building and building…and I reached a point where I felt like I had to totally explode. I felt like I was holding back because I was scared of letting go into the feeling. My partner sensed that I was on the verge of exploding or coming and he said the magic words – ”Just let it all go baby.”

“And my body responded because it gave me the permission I needed and …WOW! I let out this huge squeel and then roar and out came this huge gush of liquid all over the place. Just the thought of how exhilerating this was for me and my partner sends shivers up my spine. I just laughed and laughed and felt high as a kite. It was a first time experience for both of us and now the floodgates are open and I feel a new kind of sexual power I never have felt before.” — CN, Washington

"I Was Convinced I Didn't Have
a G Spot"

“Whenever I hear my girlfriends talking about how they had discovered their G spots, I immediately felt uncomfortable because I was convinced that I didn’t have one. I had never had an orgasm from intercourse and didn’t particularly like to be fingered by a guy. I had moments where it might have felt good but I never felt the kinds of sensations my friends were talking about. So of course I went around thinking that there was something wrong with me and that I simply didn’t have a g spot. It wasn’t until just last year that I randomly stumbled upon a g spot video online and realized that I did in fact have a g spot. First of all, I had thought that it was much farther back when really it was right there! I mean it was right near the vaginal entrance. It was much bigger than I thought. I had NEVER had a guy curl his fingers up towards it before and neither had I--so it never really got much stimulation. Now I have all sorts of G spot toys and feel delighted that there is nothing wrong with me, AND i’m thoroughly enjoying exploring it!”

543 —— S.W., Minnesota

“Well, I’m Quite Proud Of Myself.”

“Ejaculating was something I actually learned and taught myself. After seeing women do this over and over again in the video, I was determined to have this experience for myself. I’ve considered myself fairly orgasmic and I knew where my G spot was. I had also recalled a few times where I had gotten exceptionally wet or times when I had felt like I had to pee or had peed a tiny bit. I realized that I was probably ejaculating when I thought that I was peeing a little.

“I went out and bought myself a gspot toy and masturbated with a big towel underneathe. It took me a couple sessions, but I realized that I was able to ejaculate a little and then gradually more and more if I stimulated my G spot a lot and somewhat rigorously. I also ejaculated when I pulled the toy out and rubbed it vertically up and down from my clit down to the vaginal opening. I feel like I have this new thing and I was able to teach myself and to be honest—well i’m quite proud of myself.” — Melanie, TX

"To My Nerdly Delight..."

“I am a total nerd because I need to study things scientifically before I can really believe in them. I have read and studied books about sexuality and anatomy before and then came across female ejaculation. It wasn’t until I saw the chemical make up and where it comes from anatomically that I actually believed that it existed and that I could do it. It was great to experiment with my body and and confirm that it exists. I even did one experiment where I ate asparagus (which makes your pee smell horrible) and tried ejaculating to see if it smelled even remoteley like asparagus. To my nerdy delight, I found that my ejaculate did not smell like asparagus at all. I peed afterwards and that DEFINITELY smelled like asparagus. I can confirm that it is not urine beyond a shadow of a doubt. It passed the asparagus test.”

544 ——K.S., California

“One Day During a Marathon G Spot Stroking Session…”

I was reasonably aware of the concept of female ejaculation from a girlfriend who shared with me that she soaked the bed when orgasming during “expanded orgasm” stroking with her boyfriend.

That didn’t prevent me from being RIVETED, jaw slack, eyes bulging and blown away when I watched the videos from Squirt Your Heart Out for the first couple times.

I envisioned the deep release one gets from ejaculating. I wanted it. So I enrolled (quite willingly and excitedly) my husband in adding more G-spot focus to our genital massage “dates.”

I remember consciously practicing opening my pussy like an ever-blooming lotus during our “dates,” rather than squeezing up like I would to have a clitoral climax in the past.

Breathe. Open. Breathe. Open. Breath. Open. Reach, reach, reach.

One day, during a marathon stroking session while on vacation, I pushed out and let go and felt the first wetness of Amrita. Bing! Bing! Bing! We felt like we hit the jackpot.

From there, we kept practicing, creating ever more delicious release as we refined our mutual techniques. Now I can squirt when my husband is stroking me manually and when we have intercourse.

He loves the feeling of me coming on his penis when he’s inside me.

Tallulah is right. I am a Super Juicy Sex Goddess and that power permeates my entire life. Oh, yeah!” — Lotus, Bay Area, CA

"Is There Something Wrong With My Vagina?"

“I am a woman in my mid 40’s and I’ve always felt like there was something wrong with my vagina. I have somewhat large inner lips and have always been worried that I don’t look normal. Whenever my ex-husband would tell me that it was beautiful, I always rolled my eyes and thought he was just saying that because I really didn’t believe it. I never wanted oral sex because I thought he would see it up close and would know that there was something wrong with it. I went to see “The Vagina Monologues” with some friends and realized that I wasn’t the only one who was worried about what my vagina looked like. Afterwards I looked at her in the mirror again but saw her with different eyes. I started crying when I realized that I didn’t even know what “nor- mal” looked like. There wasn’t anything wrong with me--I just had to change my perception. I even called my ex-husband and asked him if he really meant it when he said my vagina was beautiful and he said, ‘Of course dear, I meant it with all my heart.’”

545 —— Withheld By Request

I Was So Scared To “Make A Mess.”

“I realized that for years and years of my sexual life that I was so scared to “make a mess.” I guess I had some voice within me that thought it wasn’t sexy or that my boyfriend would be upset. I also didn’t want to be loud and was very self-conscious.

It wasn’t until I had a boyfriend who was very passionate and encouraged me to surrender and be loud if I needed, that I realized that in all my worrying and self-consciousness, I had totally not even been in touch with my sexuality. I realized that I had been holding back a lot and that men actually like when a woman is totally expressive and truly turned on.

It took some practice and time before I was able to just surrender and not only did I experience multiple orgasms with my new boyfriend, but on occasion I would actually ejaculate and gasp—-make a mess!

I think back to all of those years that I was not authentically enjoying myself and simply playing a role that wasn’t me….better late than never-right?” — LT, CA

"My Tummy Muscles Hurt From Squirting So Much"

"This is the perfect product to learn how to ejaculate. I love how there's a book, Tallulah's audio guides, great interviews and the best part, the awesome video demonstrations of real women just like me. Now, my stomach muscles hurt (in a good way) from so much squirting."

546 ——Happy in the East Bay

“Clitorial Orgasms Are Child’s Play”

“My husband loves it when I ejaculate. He was really the one driving our learning. For what ever reason, he thinks squirting is the hottest thing in the world. So I decided to learn. He has gotten really good at technique and I went from feeling a little bit of wetness in my vagina to squirting a LOT, over and over as he brings me to orgasm after orgasm.”

“Clitoral orgasms are as you say, Tallulah, “child’s play” now. Our sex is hotter than ever and I love coming for an hour and then making love. Is there ANYTHING better than G-Spot ejaculatory orgasms? Wheee!" —Karen C., Huge Fan of Tallulah’s, Brisbane, CA

"I Think Guys Like Myself
REALLY Appreciate Guidance"

“My ex-girlfriend would actually say or scream, ‘I’m coming!’ and that was extremely helpful to know when she was having an orgasm. She would sometimes order me to touch her this way or that. I loved how direct she was and it made it easier to feel more confident about my lovemaking techniques and feel exhilarated when she would come and in turn, I’m sure she was happy that I was following direction well! After that relationship ended, I started seeing a woman who was almost the opposite. I had NO idea when she was coming--if she was coming, and only a vague idea if she was actually enjoying herself. I realized how spoiled I was in my prior relationship and it felt like I went from being a top notch lover to being very second rate. I think guys like myself REALLY appreciate guidance. Women are very complex and as much as I’d like to think I could get it right every time, I appreciate direction from a woman who really knows how she likes it.”

547 —— T.B., Maryland

“Towel After Towel After Towel Got Drenched”

“Thank you for a most enlightening and empowering workshop. For my beloved partner, you opened up the floodgates to let a lifetime of held-back orgasms come pouring out. You showed me a new way to love her more fully. With what you taught us, she came and came and came and came … and towel after towel after towel got drenched … and it was, for the first time in her life, perfectly OK!”—Photographer


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Video Demonstrations 9 Sensitive, Artful Training Videos Show Real Women Ejaculating Enjoy and learn from this extraordinary film footage, tastefully produced and gorgeously wrought with art and imagery that celebrates the divine feminine and shows the various ways that women squirt – solo/partnered, gushing, trickles, with toys, with fingers, with penis and partner…

You’ll get so much from these titles: Introduction, What is Female Ejaculation, Awakening the G Spot, Why Women Don’t Ejaculate, The Blended Orgasm, PC Muscles, Giving Birth To Your Orgasm, A Beautiful Couple, Solo Scene and Conclusion


Resource Guide 1 Tallulah's Resource Guide: The Best G-Spot & Female Ejaculation Toys and Accessories Find out which movies Tallulah recommends. Which G Spot toys she likes for what occasions. From vibrators, to sensual furniture to the “Rolls Royce” of lubricants to pelvic muscle exercisers to cock rings, you get a complete shopping guide to a very private online store where your confidentiality is assured.


Audio Tutorials 6 Tallulah Talks You Through Your Journey Get encouragement, insight and deeper explanations with these guided audio adventures. You can download these and rip them onto a CD for your car, put them on your iPod or iPhone or listen right from your computer.

1 – The Mind Body Check In
2 – Your Clit Boner
3 – Finding Your G-spot
4 – The Blended Orgasm
5 – PC Muscle Exercises
6 – Putting It All Together


Audio Interviews 4 Sexual Experts Interviewed For Their Best Kept Secrets About Female Ejaculation

  • Dr. Patricia Taylor on “expanded orgasm” for couples.
    “Dr. Patti,” is the world’s most renown expert in orgasm, specifically teaching “expanded orgasm” for couples. Listening to our dialog will give you a whole new dimension to your thinking about your orgasmic strategy.
  • Sheri Winston and our bodies’ ecstatic potential.
    Sheri envisions a world where sex is understood, honored and free from shame, where our bodies’ ecstatic potential is explored and celebrated, and relationships are based on integrity, compassion and love. In this interview, you will see the beauty and honor that is our sexual birthright.
  • Monika Thomas on our sexual completion.
    Monika, a sex-positive gender role revolutionary, of Sexplorations with Monika is a truly emancipated sexual woman who provides leadership for all of us in our quest to live our lives to sexual completion. You will be buoyed up by this inspiring conversation.
  • Eric Amaranth on Guided Sex™.
    Eric is a “Sex Life Consultant” and works with clients in Guided Sex™ where he is present, without participating, while the clients engage in a specific sex act, while he guides them like a dance teacher to make that sex the most powerful it can be—just the way humans teach everything else that can be taught.

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